Institutions and people

Die Stiftung: Leitung, Vorstand und Mitarbeiter

Professor Dr Ulrich Reinhardt

Scientific Head at the Foundation for Future Studies

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Karin Schlömer

Executive director of the Foundation for Future Studies

Head of Corporate Affairs
British American Tobacco
(Industrie) GmbH

Miriam Hiller

Member of the Board of the Foundation for Future Studies

Head of Government & Corporate Affairs
British American Tobacco (Industrie) GmbH

Claudio-Alberto Dötsch

Member of the Board of the Foundation for Future Studies

Head of Legal and External Affairs
British American Tobacco (Industrie) GmbH

Ayaan Güls

Press officer

Board of Trustees: Supervisory body and advisory panel

In compliance with the Foundation’s mission – to act as an interface between academic life, business, society and politics – the Board of Trustees comprises members from the media, social policy, ideological communities and education. The committee acts as a supervisory body and advisory panel for the Foundation’s work.

Oliver Engels

Head of Marketing Asia-Pacific & Middle East

"With our company BAT and our social commitment, we responsibly dedicate ourselves to the future. We provide positive impetus to act as a guide and set the course for tomorrow today. It is our goal to build a better future, 'A Better Tomorrow'. As a representative of the company and thus the benefactor, I am happy to take on this creative role to boldly and optimistically shape sustainable solutions for our future."

Dr Jürgen Großmann

Manager and Entrepreneur

"The machine that changed the world" - this is how American authors described the automobile 100 years after its invention in Germany. And indeed: it has changed our lives. Today it is IT developments such as digitalization and the Internet that seem to have a greater impact on the future of humanity than conscious changes in the circumstances of their lives brought about by people themselves.

In the face of these challenges posed by technology, how can we organize the coexistence of people in the future? Will the erosion of the economic middle class continue, will the proletariat grow, followed by the precariousness of the educationally disadvantaged? What can be the glue that holds humanity in general, but also our nation together?

Such questions interest me at the Foundation for Future Studies."

Leif Lümkemann

Vice President Human Resources at NV Bekaert Rubber Reinforcement

"'The Future is now': Shaping the challenges of the future in the present - on the basis of facts, data and clear recommendations for action. To this end, the Foundation for Future Studies has been making a significant contribution to social dialogue since its inception. Particularly in its responsibility for human resources strategy and corporate culture, the foundation's purpose is of high practical relevance and helps many decision-makers to reconcile the challenges of the future with forward-looking decisions."

Professor Dr Horst W. Opaschowski

Futurist and business and political consultant, formerly Director of Research at the Foundation for Future Studies

Consulting. Supporting. Reporting. As a researcher, I ensure that the Foundation fulfils its purpose on a long-term basis: finding answers to future-related issues and helping to resolve problems that may arise in the future.

Dr Wolfram Weimer

Publisher and Journalist

There is no future without a past, but also no past without a future. I am interested in the long lines of social changes. So I follow the work done by the Foundation for Future Studies with journalistic curiosity. It has had a good instinct for important trends in Germany and Europe for many years now.