How we see ourselves and purpose of the Foundation

The future can work. The World in Change – People at the Centre

The objective of the Foundation for Future Studies, an Initiative of British American Tobacco, is to make a contribution to the future viability of society. As a way of achieving this objective, we have initiated an academic debate on issues relating to the future and on developing approaches to sustainably resolve future challenges facing our society. As we prepare for tomorrow’s world, we are conscious of our responsibility for the future and of acting as a positive catalyst in our role as guide and linchpin.

“In a changing world the focus is on humanity”: this guiding principle is at the heart of our academic interest. Our work focuses on the social and cultural quality of life as this is one of the most important values upheld by our society in the 21st century. Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, we gain insights that we then analyse and interpret freely and independently. As the interface between academic life and business, politics and society, we make our research results available to any interested experts and to the broader public, thus offering starting points for a broader societal debate.

“There is no future without a past”: only those who look back can also look to the future. The work of the future begins here and now – as part of our commitment to social responsibility, we provide solid, academically verifiable information on future trends in society. People rightly expect not only authoritative answers to the question “How will we live in the future?” but also “How do we want to live in the future?”. The Foundation thus fulfils its role as the counsel of vision and responsibility.

Independent, non-profit research and educational work

The Foundation for Future Studies was set up by British American Tobacco as an independent and non-profit institution for the purpose of promoting science and research. Its focus is on addressing issues relating to the future and formulating approaches that will help to provide sustainable solutions to challenges facing our society in the future. Promoting adult education – particularly basic, advanced and ongoing training – and the exchange of information about research findings with representatives from the political, academic and business arena and subsequently communicating this knowledge to society is at the heart of the institution’s work.

The Foundation’s purpose is realised primarily by:

  • recognising the challenges facing society at an early stage through academic research work and projects based on empirical data;
  • providing and disseminating academic research results through publications, newsletters, lectures, symposiums, training events and study trips;
  • supporting the exchange of information and opinion formation to embed the research findings in the public consciousness through discussion groups, symposiums, the organisation of and participation in conferences and through press conferences and other miscellaneous media and publicity work;
  • establishing partnerships and joint projects with institutions and organisations that pursue one of the Foundation’s objectives.