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Forschung aktuell, Vol. 30, No. 218, 16.09.2009

... have spent ‘the most beautiful weeks of the year’ at home”, says Dr Ulrich Reinhardt, the foundation’s tourism and Europe expert. Visits to restaurants preferred over the theatre. Spending is especially down in the area of culture When money is tight, people start to once again ask the ... the average European. The pound changes hands in uncertain times especially when it comes to books (+18 percentage points), computers (+17), re

More than 40 years of futures research

... Forschung aktuell, 220, 30. Jg., 25.11.2009 „Gelebte Werte“: Von Mutter Teresa bis Graf von Stauffenberg Forschung aktuell, 219, 30. Jg., 30.09.2009 „Wohlstand neu denken!“ Studie über das ... Forschung aktuell, 123, 16. Jg., 17.07.1995 Neue BAT-Umfrage: Die Lust der Deutschen am Stau - keine Trendwende in Sicht Forschung aktuell, 122, 16. Jg., 12.06.1995 Neuer BAT-Report über ... Mallorca-Syndrom: Glücklich in der großen Masse Freizeit aktuell, 104, 13. Jg., 03.06.1992 „

Forschung aktuell, Vol. 30, No. 211, 12.01.2009

... economise even in areas such as food or clothing.  In contrast, an extravagant consumerism involving shopping trips and visits to theatres or restaurants appears unlikely – only a minority will not look at the price first but instead will be more concerned about service and advice (16%).  By ...