Institutions and people

Die Stiftung: Leitung, Vorstand und Mitarbeiter

Professor Dr Ulrich Reinhardt

Scientific Head at the Foundation for Future Studies

Vita und Interview...

Karin Schlömer

Executive director of the Foundation for Future Studies

Head of Corporate Affairs
British American Tobacco
(Industrie) GmbH

Leif Lümkemann

Member of the Board of the Foundation for Future Studies

Group Head of HR for Marketing and R&D
British American Tobacco p.l.c.

Claudio-Alberto Dötsch

Member of the Board of the Foundation for Future Studies

Head of Legal and External Affairs
British American Tobacco (Industrie) GmbH

Ayaan Güls

Press officer

Board of Trustees: Supervisory body and advisory panel

In compliance with the Foundation’s mission – to act as an interface between academic life, business, society and politics – the Board of Trustees comprises members from the media, social policy, ideological communities and education. The committee acts as a supervisory body and advisory panel for the Foundation’s work.

Dr Michael Hohl

District Council and former Lord Mayor of Bayreuth

I am proud to be a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for Future Studies because the Foundation delves into current issues, because it finds out what citizens need, what society needs, because it identifies trends at an early stage and therefore supports a better world in a much more promising future.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

One of the Editors-in-Chief of stern and Editor-in-Chief with Responsibility for Special Projects at Gruner+Jahr

No word is abused so routinely in the political world as the word “future”. And no other word is so rarely absent in political decisions. Politics is concerned with yesterday and today, seldom with tomorrow. However, people are eager mostly for nothing more than perspective and guidance, the basis of confidence. Futurists vehemently resist meaninglessness and therefore create confidence.

Professor Dr Horst W. Opaschowski

Futurist and business and political consultant, formerly Director of Research at the Foundation for Future Studies

Consulting. Supporting. Reporting. As a researcher, I ensure that the Foundation fulfils its purpose on a long-term basis: finding answers to future-related issues and helping to resolve problems that may arise in the future.

Max Schön

Member of the German Council for Sustainable Development and president of the CLUB OF ROME Germany

In politics, much too little attention is paid to the attitude that people have to their own future and the future direction that our society as a whole is taking. The Foundation’s work therefore plays a particularly important role in developing future ideas and visions.

Dr Wolfram Weimer

Publisher and Journalist

There is no future without a past, but also no past without a future. I am interested in the long lines of social changes. So I follow the work done by the Foundation for Future Studies with journalistic curiosity. It has had a good instinct for important trends in Germany and Europe for many years now.

Peter Zühlsdorff

CEO of Deutsche Industrie Holding

The Foundation for Future Studies is committed to finding sustainable solutions for future social challenges. The promotion of science and research will become increasingly important over the coming decades. The Foundation plays an important role as an interface between academic life and business, between politics and civil society, and I am delighted to be involved with it as a member of the Board of Trustees.